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Then & Now Single Pack

Includes: One Book and One Diary

A Letter to My Daughters:

In order to ensure that “A Letter to My Daughters” father to daughter talk about life covered every major topic that affects the lives of both women and young ladies in today’s society, I interviewed thousands of mother father sons and daughters in order to identify these issues.

I didn’t stop there. In order to be certain that no topic was left uncovered, I also interviewed preachers, priests and various religious leaders from various believes in order to get the spiritual input on these issues. The topics that were revealed from these interviews are the topics that are covered in this book. In making “A Letter to My Daughters” the most thorough father to daughter talk about life that a daughter can receive.

Then & Now Notebook Diary:

The Notebook Diary contains specially created questions that personalize the book into each readers life, by allowing the reader to use his/her own life experiences, his/her own family and personal relationships, and the readers on dream of his/her desired life.
After reading the book and filling out the diary, a reader will have written a story about their own life.

The Father-Daughter Twin Pack:

Includes: Two Books and Two Diaries

The Father-Daughter Twin Pack contains two books and two notebook diaries.

The father and daughter both read chapters, fills out his or her own notebook and when prompted exchange diaries. They are able to read one another’s point of view on each topic and then discuss one another’s point of view on the topic. This allows the daughter to see the advice that a father would give on any given topic and the fathers own experiences within the topic. This also allows the father to see the daughters point of view, her experiences and her thoughts and belief’s on each topic.

The Father-Daughter Twin Pack takes away any embarrassment that certain topics may bring between a father and a daughter, by giving a starting point of conversation via the book. The Father-Daughter Twin Pack leaves both proof of the father daughter talk and the topics that were covered. It also leaves a legacy that can be left behind for the daughters, granddaughters and great-granddaughter’s.

For a father that is not actively involved in his daughters life, the Father-Daughter Twin Pack opens the door for conversation and builds the groundwork for a new relationship.

For a good father whose daughter may be too young for “the talk”, the Father-Daughter Twin Pack is a great insurance policy that allows the father to fill out his own diary and leave a copy with his wife or attorney with his will. So that if any unforeseen tragic incident were to occur through divorce or death, that his daughter will know all of the advice he would want to give his daughter about life.

The Father-Daughter Twin Pack is the most powerful parenting tool a father could have!

The Mother-Daughter Twin Pack:

Includes: Two Books and Two Diaries

For the single mothers whose daughter’s father is not actively involved in her life,

The Mother-Daughter Twin Pack allows for the father to daughter talk about life via the book. The Mother-Daughter Twin Pack is an excellent way for a mother to get her daughter’s father involved in her daughters life. She can get him involved by buying the twin pack, giving both the father and daughter a book and diary and opening the door to a new beginning of a father and daughter relationship. For the mother wanting to have the talk with her daughter herself the book offers the same talk between a mother and daughter with a father’s point interjected into the conversation through the book.

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