A Letter to My Daughters

A Letter to My Daughters

a letter to my daughters book

A Letter to My Daughters

A Letter to My Daughters covers every topic that a daughter can face in life.

This book gives the reader a bible-based spiritual wisdom and fatherly insight taught by the lessons of life.  The two combined make this the most dynamic/compelling/influential talk that a father and daughter can have.

a letter to my daughters notebook diary

The Notebook Diary

The Notebook Diary is a very powerful life tool that every daughter should have.

The Notebook Diary contains questions related to each letter topic designed to personalize the book into each reader’s life.  The diary also allows the reader to answer the questions by using their family, friends and life activities, whereby creating the reader’s own story through this unique experience.

The Single Pack

Consists of one book and one diary.

The Single Pack was created for every women who may be going through personal or relationship drama, experiencing anxiety or depression or who may be seeking a new starting point in life.

The Father-Daughter Twin Pack

Consist of two books and two diaries.

a letter to my daughters twin pack

How the twin pack works:

The father and daughter each read a letter topic in the book and answer the questions asked in the notebook diary.  When prompted, the father and daughter will exchange diaries and privately read one another’s response to each question.  This allows the father and the daughter to see each other‘s thoughts, their life experience pertaining to each subject, and the advice that they would give on each topic, without interruption.  The father-daughter twin pack is a non-intrusive way to have an in-depth conversation about important or embarrassing topics that every father and daughter should discuss, but often avoid.

The Mother-Daughter Twin Pack:

Consist of two books and two diaries.

a letter to my daughters twin pack

The Mother-Daughter Twin Pack mirrors the Father-Daughter Twin Pack.
This twin pack allows a single mother and her daughter to have the same father daughter talk with a males point of view interjected into the conversation via the book.  Additionally, this also allows a mom to give her “motherly” advice concerning each topic along with the book’s “fatherly” advice and perspective.

Thus becoming the perfect tool to make certain that every daughter regardless of her parent’s marital situation, be a part of this powerful conversation.

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