Million Father-Daughter Questions?

1. What is the Million Father-Daughter Challenge?

The Challenge is for every father of a daughter. every single mother that has a daughter whose father is not actively involved in her daughter’s life. and every lady and the young lady that has never had had a father to daughter talk about life, regardless of age, to set aside two hours on: August 18th, 2018 from 12pm to 2pm MST to sit down and have an in-depth talk about the issues that affect the lives of young ladies in today’s society.

2. Why is this talk so important for Fathers & Daughters?

If a father is not the most influential male in his daughters life, some other guy will be.

Who do you prefer: A boyfriend? Reality TV shows? The Internet?

Fathers, it’s up to you!

3. Can mothers and daughters join in this father to daughter Talk About Life?

The Father Daughter Challenge is perfect for single mothers with daughter(s). The Challenge allows the mother and daughter to have a Father’s point of view interjected into their talk about life via the Book and Diary.

4. How can this one talk impact an Entire Family?

For a father: The Bible teaches us that we reap what we sow.

The book brings up the fact that a man’s wife is her father‘s daughter. Therefore, the way that a man treats his wife, is giving the example of how he wants his daughter to be treated by her future boyfriend or husband. Making a father think about how he treats the women in his life, versus how he wants his own daughters to be treated.

For a Daughter: There’s father to daughter talk will show a daughter that her father cares enough to take the time to have this talk about life. This intern strengthens the father -daughter bond, giving a daughter the self-confidence and self-esteem comes from knowing her father will always be there through the good and the bad.

For a Mother: Her life will be greatly impacted from The fathers new attitude towards treating her as he would want his daughter to be treated in every area of life. A mother will also benefit from my father’s new commitment and involvement in his daughters life.

For a Son: As a Son observes how his father treats the women in his life, it also teaches him to do the same. Sons learn more from watching their father, then from any book they will ever read in life. (excluding the Bible)

5. What if I’m currently separated or divorced, and not actively involved in my Daughters Life?

The Father Daughter Twin Pack is the perfect icebreaker and non-intrusive way for a father to open the lines of communication with a daughter.

There is a section in the Book that covers divorce and gives the opportunity to the parent to explain to the daughter their version of the divorce. This allows the daughter to know the divorce was not her fault, and that the father will always love her and be there for her.

The Father Daughter Twin Pack is the first step to healing a Father - Daughter relationship.

6. How can I help Publicize This Event

Need help with your talk?


ALTMD (A Letter To My Daughters) is a complete Father-Daughter Talk about life that covers every topic that affects women in today’s society from a father’s point of view.


The “Book” takes away any embarrassment that a Father-Daughter Talk may bring.


The Notebook Diary contains specific questions related to each letter-topic that personalizes the book into each readers life, by using other family members, friends and occurrences in each readers life, thus creating the most powerful talk that a father-daughter can have about life.




Start Planning Your Talk Today!

A Letter to My Daughters


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